As Real Estate Sales Representatives, I/we provide a variety of services to the public including but not limited to: listing and selling homes, listing and selling commercial properties, agricultural properties and vacant land; leasing commercial property; advertising the properties and providing advisory services in order to achieve the aforesaid results.
In the course of providing these products and services, I/we may collect certain personal information about our clients with their consent.
“Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual. This may include, without limitation, your name, home address, email address, age, income, credit history, or other financial information, personal preferences, and other information about your family. I/we may be required to collect your social insurance number or driver’s license if the federal government obligates us to do so pursuant to the Income Tax Act.
I/we only obtain information when it is provided by you. This can be done when you ask for information and we provide it to you via phone, mail, email etc. I/we may share your information only with a third party if they are related to a transaction you are involved in such as a lawyer or mortgage broker, at your request.

Regarding the information that is collected, I/we—

  • Are accountable for all information in our possession
  • Will inform you of the reason we are collecting the information
  • Will obtain your consent to collect the information (note implied consent exists if you ask for information and provide your contact information so we can respond)
  • Will limit the information to only what is necessary to perform our services
  • Will only use and retain for the purpose disclosed
  • Will keep your information up to date and you may provide new information to amend our records if that information changes
  • Will safeguard personal information to ensure your privacy

If, at any time, you choose not to receive information from me/us, please advise with a phone, text or email to the numbers or address you were contacted with and you will be removed from the list.

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